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Sustainable Tourism

In this category of Sustainable Tourism, we wanted to highlight those posts that we want you to always have at hand so that your trips have a positive footprint on the planet.

So in this category you will find articles about any place in the world, accommodation, leisure, transport and even food, but all with the same common denominator: sustainability.

Don’t forget to go through our Discounts section! where you will find the most complete list of companies with which to organize your trips and a discount that will benefit you on your purchase. Some of the links you will find are affiliate links.

In addition, in each post of a Sustainable Tourism company you will find a small benefit for our readers.

Also visit our section on Tips for Travelers, where you will find articles on how to save, how to organize your trips with everything you need or even articles related to art and architecture, so that you can be an expert on your travels.

Having said all this, I hope you find everything you need for your trip and that it will also be the most spectacular trip!

If you have any questions that you think we can help you with, you can write or contact us through social networks or in comments on any of the posts. We will be happy to help you in what we can.

Bon Voyage!

Sustainable Mobility

Sustainable mobility is an alternative way to get around on your trips. Here we detail some good options to do it.

Sustainable Accommodation

Sustainable Accommodation

Sometimes it is difficult to find an authentic sustainable accommodation, Here we show you in detail 3 easy tricks to detect them.