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Sustainable Mobility


When we travel to a country or a city, we must choose a means of transport. Whether we do it to get there or move within the limits of the territory.

As we know, there are countless means of transport, but most of them use petroleum derivatives as fuel. Therefore, it generates tons of polluting gases into the atmosphere, damaging the health of the planet and the beings that inhabit it.

But, thanks to the greater concern that exists related to responsible travel and sustainable tourism, today we have a multitude of best practices and alternative means of transport that not only reduce the environmental impact, but also have a beneficial effect on the local economy, society and the transit of people.


Good actions always bring their benefits and there is nothing better than doing small actions individually for a common good, so we recommend some simple practices:


Bicycle 🚲

The use of the bicycle has been practiced for many years and it is always a great ally to move freely almost anywhere. Today, cities like Amsterdam prioritize the transit of cyclists before any vehicle. In addition, it is a great option to keep in shape.


Public Transport 🚎

The use of public transport, sharing taxis and other vehicles will considerably reduce pollution per passenger, we will obtain great economic savings and we will encourage companies in the public transport sector to invest in transforming their vehicle fleets into more sustainable options, such as hybrid vehicles.


Vehicle Sharing 🚐🚗

Compartir taxis u otros vehículos es otra forma inteligente para reducir la contaminación por pasajero, evitando el uso de un vehículo por cada persona.


Train 🚊

The train and the metro are the options that generate the least CO2 emissions, as well as being an agile, fast and simple alternative.


Electric Mobility 🛴

Bicycles, scooters, Segway, motorcycles, cars and other electric transports are undoubtedly the best option for zero CO2 emissions, they allow us to move in total comfort and the cities are increasingly better prepared for these options.


Airlines commited to the enviroment 🛫

There are rare occasions in which some airlines commit to planting trees for each of their routes, in this way they will be offsetting the impact on the environment.

You can also visit the Eco requirements section, where we name some criteria that are sustainable for tourist activities.

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So now you know, there are more and more alternatives for choosing sustainable and environmentally friendly travelling methods. By making small gestures we will be improving the place we visit and of course our hosts will greatly appreciate it

For more responsible tourism practices, don’t forget to download our sustainable tourism manifesto.

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