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Welcome to the Sustainable Tourism LAB

We present a different way of traveling. 🌱😍

This project aims to be a portal for all those travelers who want to make their time on the planet something positive.

Our mission is to gather in one place all those companies or entrepreneurs related to the tourism sector that are sustainable. We want to show an alternative to the tourism that we all know and demonstrate that, although it has a sustainable surname, it does not mean that it has to be more expensive or worse.

Here you will find authentic places, incredible accommodations and special activities throughout the world that you can enjoy, as you have been doing so far, but also contribute a grain of sand so that the development of a sustainable world can increase.

For each company we will make a special post and record a video-interview where they can show what they offer and what they are doing to be sustainable.

Every grain of sand counts

We do not pretend to make your trips sustainable overnight (although that would be incredible 😛) but we would like you to take small steps towards a positive footprint as you visit each place.

We want to make it very easy for you, so we have divided the content into different sections such as sustainable accommodations, mobility and leisure, so you can enjoy a perfect vacation. Just choose the place and time and enjoy!


And you … how can you participate?

Content creators

If you are a content creator or blogger and you support sustainable tourism, write to us and we will give you your badge to show support for sustainable tourism from your site or social networks.

You want to know more?

Tourism sector

If you are a company in the tourism sector and want to participate in this project, write to us! We don’t care where you are in the world, we want you to reach as many audiences as you can.

Fill out the form and let’s talk!


That you like this project as much as we do and want to help us make it bigger? We will be happy to talk with you and work together.

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Get to know our sustainability criteria

In the following table we explain the meaning of each “Econo” that we use to define a company or project. Each of them classifies the different sustainable criteria used by the tourist activities.

Icono Energia Renovable

100% renewable energy

Obtaining electrical energy from renewable sources (sun, wind, etc.) For example, photovoltaic or mini-wind systems.

Icono Movilidad Sostenible

Sustainable mobility

Use of transport systems with zero or very low CO2 emissions.

Icono Biocontruccion


Constructions or structures made from recycled elements or renewable natural resources with high energy efficiency, thus avoiding as much as possible the use of air conditioning, electricity, or water. 

Icono Alimentacion Sostenible

Sustainable food

Ecological or 0-KM food; purchasing local food or obtaining it from the soil itself, using the necessary means to make it sustainable without having to depend on its importation.

Icono Cultivo Propio

Own cultivation

Own cultivation, be it a small garden or a farm with large crops, that uses ecological and / or environmentally friendly means to work the land and that are the result of sustainable products.

Icono Agua

Sustainable water

Use the necessary means so that the water has an adequate and responsible use. For example, reuse water, use it in efficient agriculture, collect and store rainwater, desalinate seawater.

Icono Agua Caliente

Sustainable hot water

Obtaining hot water through a generation system from renewable sources (sun, wind, earth). For example, installation of thermal plates. 

Icono Ocio Sostenible

Sustainable leisure

Leisure activities that are respectful with the environment, with a very low or zero impact and without the need for energy consumption. 

Icono Limpieza Ecologica

Ecological cleaning products

The activity has cleaning products made from natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly products. If needed, it has 100% natural and organic hygiene products such as soaps or deodorants. 

Icono Reciclaje

Recycling waste

The activity has made available and encourages the use of mechanisms for its customers to properly recycle waste, as well as different containers to separate organic waste, plastics, cardboard, metals, residuals or any other material.

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